Local Developmen Plan

March 2014

The LDP Examinors report is now available and can be downloaded from here. The relevant parts are on pages 273 - 290

At the community council meeting of 13th June 2012 it was decided that a questionnaire should be circulated to all adult Fintry residents as the fairest way of obtaining everyones view. The collated results of the questionnaire can be viewed here:

A condensed form of Fintry Community Council's representations to Stirling Council regarding the LDP can be read here. A full copy is pinned to the FCC noticeboard at the Sports Club.

At the Stirling Council meeting on 2nd May, the Proposed Local Development Plan was accepted unaltered. The next stage of the LDP development including a resolution from Stirling Council can be viewed here.

Stirling Councils opinion of Fintrys representations can be viewed here.

More Local Development Plan information can be viewed here.

Fintry Community Councils response to Scottish Waters consultation can be read here.


The local development plan was approved and published in macrch 2014, a link to that report is provided below

Examinors Report

Following on from that we would like to hear what the community wants in relation to this development.

if you have thoughts or opinions please complete the brief form below. Note that this only to be what the community needs or wants from this development, not what the community does not need or does not want.