Fintry Bowling Club


There has been interest from a reasonable number of people to keep the club running for a variety of uses, including bowling, tennis, gardening, youth club, after school club, toddlers and playgroup.

It looks like there will be enough people to form a type of open to all club membership to agree the best way to run and maintain the area.

The Community Council can simply perform the role of custodian to ensure that the area is fully accessible to as many members of the community as possible. We are keen to encourage as diverse a use as we can, to make this a true community asset. It would be preferable that the new club Treasurer is not on FCC, if applying to FCC for help from the likes of Community Good Will Fund (funded by FDT).Also our poor FCC Secretary is stretched as it is, so hopefully we will have a volunteer for that too. 

We are hoping that the practicalities of the hand over for the likes of bank account, water and rates need not be of any issue as the constitution remains in essence the same, albeit with a bit of tweeking. 

Please see new FCBC Constitution below, reflecting the above. The community garden is also now supported by the Community Council and there could be a time that this facility, in part may have to be relocated to the Bowing Club area. The agreement with the Sports Club is that area is to be returned if no longer required. There are currently 3 regular members, which FCC will support, so long as there is interest. 

Please come along to the meeting with your suggestions.  

Jamie Pearson Chair

FCBC Constitution