Fintry Community Fund

Fintry Community Fund

All grant applications are now closed

The Fintry Community Council Community Fund is provided via the Kingsburn Wind Energy extension and administered by the community council in partnership with Foundation Scotland.

It can be used to benefit groups within the Fintry Community Council constituted area as defined by Stirling Council.

Please read all the information below to ensure you are eligible to apply, that way you avoid the disappointment of your application being declined.



We have two grants available, the Main Grant that can award up to £2,500 and the Micro Grant that can award up to £500.

You may apply for only one grant at a time i.e. no multiple applications within one open round of awards.


Who can apply to the fund?

Any group of individuals (official or unofficial) resident within the Fintry Community Council area as defined by Stirling Council, the map is available here Link to FCC boundary map.

If applying for a macro grant you must be a constituted group, if applying for a micro grant either an individual or constituted group may apply.


What type of activities could receive funding?

Applications are expected to address one or more of the following priorities:

  • Advance rural regeneration through increasing opportunities for enterprise and vocational training 
  • Enhance infrastructure including affordable housing, transport, broadband, community-owned property and access routes. 
  • Establish new community services and seek to improve or expand existing services, particularly with regard to young people and the elderly. 
  • Develop and improve community facilities 
  • Enhancing leisure facilities and to develop and expand tourism and leisure opportunities. 
  • Capacity building for new and existing community organisations to help achieve the other priorities


The above is not an exhaustive list, the FCC will consider any application based on its merits and providing it benefits the wider community.


Projects unlikely to be approved are those that:


  • Promote the advancement of religion or party politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups).
  • Activities understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities.
  • Projects benefiting primarily residents out-with the area represented by Fintry Community Council.
  • Activities contrary to the interests of the Community Council, Foundation Scotland or Kingsburn Wind Energy Limited or any companies in its group
  • Activities likely to bring the Community Council, Foundation Scotland, Kingsburn Wind Energy Limited or any companies in its group into disrepute
  • Anti-renewable energy or anti-wind farm activities including promoting or sponsoring any objection or representation to the operation of the Wind Farm, national or local policy in connection with renewable energy or any other renewable energy proposal
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before the Panel considers the application (i.e. retrospective funding).
  • Continued running or maintenace costs

This is not an exhaustive list, the Community Council reserve the right to decline any application that the Community Council determines does not meet the criteria laid down by both the Community Council and Foundation Scotland or is not deemed to benefit the community as a whole.


How can we apply?

Applications can only be made using the official application form which is available below to download and print or in hard copy at the Fintry Community Council Post Box in the Fintry Sports Centre or by completing the online form available below. 

Please do not try and print the online version as it is not designed to be printed

Micro grant applications are now closed.
Macro grants are now closed.

Open for applications

Closing date for applications

Decision date

Main grants: £500 to £2,500





29th February 2020


16th March 2020

Micro grants: up to £500




29th February 2020

16th March 2020

For further details please download and read the explanation notes available below

Micro Grant Guidence Notes

Macro Grant Guidence Notes

Macro Grant online Application

Micro Grant online Application